Marina Kilmenko

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Marina Kilmenko 

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from University of Georgia
  • M.P degree (Master’s of public policy) from University of Georgia

Research experience 

  • Child social and emotional development
  • Child/adult moral competence, empathy, and emotion understanding
  • Research on understanding the link between public policies and child development

Current role

  • Lecturer in the department of Psychology; my primary responsibility is teaching. I teach mainly two classes: Research Methods lab and Developmental Psychology; I also teach Public Policy and Psychology in the summer.

Past professional experiences 

  • Internship with the Federal agency, Government Accountability Office (GAO), also known as “congressional watchdog” for its role in evaluation of federal programs.

Personal interests 

  • Born in Kazakhstan
  • Fluent in Russian
  • Enjoy traveling
  • My hobby, besides research, is anthropology